The Basic Terminologies Of Web & Internet Every Blogger Should Know

Being an Internet-Savvy webmaster & blogger you should must know about the following basic web terminologies for your blogging careers. Blogging needs more & more & high qualified persons from the background of Technology. Its not a single day game. Blogging needs unlimited thoughts, Ideas, Practice, Times & knowledge. These are following basics requirements for successful blogging careers. So we would strongly urge you if you are serious in you blogging fields then you must follow these several things. Most of the time we are attracting & spend alot of time day & night working on Internets but unfortunately many of us are still unaware the following basics web terminologies. So in today post i will defined & provides you a descriptive voice Internets parts.

Study Different Parts Of Internet & World Wide Web

Blogger should must read all the parts of Internets with full of attentions These are simple definitions & theoretical questions you might have read in college, schools in early days. Now we are just revising them but this time we must have remembered & keep in mind all these basics parts of web & Internets forever.

What Is Website ?

Website: A collection of relates web pages that you can access electronically is called a website. It contains text , graphics, sound and video. There are different types of websites that provides different types of contents about their niches, some of them information, eduction and entertainment. etc.

What Is Internet ?

Internet is a huge collection of computer connected though one another all over the world. It is a global networks of computers. These computer are connected through different communications links. Such as. Phone lines, Fiber Optics Lines, Satellites and wireless connections.

What Is WWW ?

www is the abbreviation of world wide web. It is called a web. It provides the facility to publish information on the internet. it is a collection of document or web pages stored on the computer permanently connected with internet around the world.

How Does WWW Works ?

web information is stored in documents called web pages. Web pages are files stored on computers called web servers. Computers reading the web pages are called web clients. Web client view the pages with a program called a web browser such as internet explore or Mozilla.

What Is Web Browser ?

A web browser is a software that is used to view web pages. Acts as an interface between the user and the internet. It can understand HTML. It can display text and graphics. Browsers are also known as web clients or universal clients . Some popular web browsers are.
  • Internet Explore
  • Mozilla FireFox    (author recommended)
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Safari

What Is Domain Name ?

Domain name is unique name which is given to a website. This name is linked to a web server where the information of that web sties is stored. is the example of a domain name.

What Is Search Engine ?

Search Engine: It may define as” Search Engine is a program used for the retrieval of data, documents and files from a database or network is known as search engine“. A web search engine is a software system a specially design to search for the information on world wide Search engine is a website that provides such facility to find the required websites on a particular topics. A user can search any topic on internet using search engine.

What Is TCP/IP ?

TCP/IP stands for transmission control protocol/Internet protocol. It is a technology that is used to manage teh transmission of data by breaking it into packets. It is commonly used in internet transmissions. When a computer send data over the internet transmissions. When computer send data over teh internet the dis divide into small pieces called packets. Each packet contains data and the destination. sender and the sequence information used to resemble the data at the destination. These packets travel via devices called routers. This process is known as packet switching.


What Is HTTP ?


HTTP stands for Hyper Text transfer protocol. The foundation of data communication for the World Wide Web. IT works as request-response protocol in the client -server model. It requires a client program at one end and an HTTP server at the other end. For example a web browser such as internet explorer acts as clients and teh application a hosting computers acts as server. The client submits an HTTP request message to the server the server Returns a response message to the client. A response contains completion status information about he request  and may contain any content requested by the client . The HTTP protocol is designed for communications between clients and servers.

What Is URL ?

URL stand for Uniform Resource Locator. The URL is the web address for any given web document. Every web document has a unique URL. Each URL has several parts which can be demonstrated using the following address. example       Http://
  • http://     This part of the address indicate that it is web page.
  • www      This part indicates that the web page you are looking at is part of the world wide web. Many web sites do not use www but are still as part of the web.
  •  This part of the address is the domain name and indicates the unique address of a web site. The domain name also often indicates the type of web site.
  • Services/ The “/” Symbol indicates you have moved into a specific directory in the web server. Directories are like the folders on your computer and help to organize web pages in web sties.
  • Index.html  A word with “.htm” or “.html” following it indicate the name of the specific page in the web site you are looking at.

What Is Email ?

Email stand for electronic Mail. It is the exchange of messages and files though internet. Message can be in the form of graphics, sounds videos clips or simple texts. It is a fastest way of sending email throughout the world.

What Is Email Address ?

Email address: Every email account has unique address. An email address usually has two parts which are operate the symbol @ these are as follow: User ID & Identity of Email Service: example [email protected] in this example:

  • Myemail: my email is called user ID. Used to sign into email service.
  • @ : IT is “at” sign. It separate account ID from name of email service provider.
  • It indicates the email service provider.

What Is Web Hosting ?

Web hosting is a service that provides space on the internet for storing web pages. Different organization provides the facility of web hosting . Also some website provide it without any cost. Website must be hosted on the Web server to get access from all over the world.

Final Words:  We have worked hard to bring these possible little description of some of the important web/ internet terminologies. Hope in our coming tutorials we will discuss about Social medias terminologies & Web Terminologies. Be happy and Keep Blogging!

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