How To Check Who are copying Your Website Content

Duplicate contents play an important role to destroy your blog ranks as well as have more chances to disable your google adsense account.duplicate contents is the biggest enemy of your blog/website which becomes important factor for SEO. Now google team prepared a sophisticated software that detects all the copycats who copy contents from others and shared on theirs blog/websites. Blogging becomes more and more popular now days    someone working hard while others copying theirs work from their websites as free of cost.

Now how can we treated these thieves which they stolen our precious work as free from our blogs websites and shared anywhere now how can we get rid of this if someone copying your contents from your own blog.

What Is Copyrights And Plagiarism ?

we have already discussed and familiar with copy righting in the above paragraph but for better views i will explore and defined that if someone who copy contents from your blog like, images, articles, videos, posts and ebooks without any prior permission of blog admin and share these contents then it is called plagiarism.

Why To Remove Duplicates Contents ?

So i urge you never copy others contents it will throw you into real trouble. if the person report you to Google or DMCA and once the report submitted in 1-2 days i am surely say that google has strict  policy they will soon catch you and will destroy your blogging career in a movements.

How To Find Your Blog Infringed Content?

Sometimes we busy for a along times when creating articles posts for blog thinking and making awesome designing of blog/website dealing with SEO to bring more and more traffics to our blog its really need more time to do all that possible activities.

Now we do,not have much time to check our blogs specific articles post manually in search engine.Now for better and keep your precious time we have brought some amazing online tools through which you can easily check your own all those shared contents matching your site. You can only enter your blog url and see the result see below:

5 Top Dublicate Checker Tools

My Advice To All Copycats

i will strongly recommended that never copy contents its just the wastage of your precious time instead of this try to bring something unique take interest in blogging analyze your thought i am guaranteed that only day will must succeed in your career.

Quotes about your hard work:

  • “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic it takes sweat determination and hard work”
  • “Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted”

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