Make fun with funny Google Gravity Smart Tricks


The Google gravity trick is not new anymore so most of you might know about it. But this could be interesting to those who has not tried it yet.
funny google gravity trick
Google Gravity Trick Process: 
1. Go to
2. Type “Google Gravity
3. Scroll your mouse pointer to the right side of the options “Google gravity” You will find the “I am feeling lucky” button and click “I am feeling lucky” . To get more clear Idea check the picture below:
google gravity
Or You can directly Go to this link – Click here to enjoy the Gravity show. This is really cool? Isn’t it?
You will see all the Google search engine parts falling down and can
move freely without any gravity. The most interesting thing is that ,
you can still use that broken search engine to search whatever you want.
The search result will also fall down like without any gravity. When
you click the search result you will be redirected to the site.
google gravity trick


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