Pro Tips To Reduce the Loading Time of Your Blog/Website

Blog loading time is one of the most important factors for SEO and for all webmasters. This is one of the greatest and fastest factors in the Eyes of the search engine. If you ignore the blog loading time and don’t treat it with the time then you will probably lose your visitors in short duration which can affect the Alexa rank. There is out of thousands of sites about blogging but still, the problem is halted most of them. Today we see that when we land on any site it takes few seconds to open as whole but here I will give you strict advice if your blog loading time is more then 6 seconds to open then you will have to do something otherwise you will lose the SEO race.

Best Online Tools To Check Your Blog Loading Speed

Let’s take a look its time to analyze your blog in seconds by online tools. Now we will check your site loading speed if loading speed score is more than 90 then its all well but if your blog load time is less than 90 then you are suffering from the same problem.
I know you have seen your result by entering your blog URL to one of these two amazing tools sites. Now if you are lucky then it may not harm for you if you find a good result for your blog.
Let’s see if you find your blog result with negative points then simply follow our steps mentioned below

7 Tips To Reduce Your Blog Loading Time

Tips:1  Always Avoid Javascript

There are thousands of functions included in javascript mini-language it will surely affect your blog loading time if you have inserted unnecessary widgets in your blog. Use only necessary not to go behind the design with scripting functions.

Tips:2 Do not Use Unwanted Widgets and Social Media buttons

You may observe many times while landing on different sites they put a lot of social media widgets below, above the post title and in the sidebar as well as in footer don’t do that it will increase your blog load time.

Tips:3 Use 1 to 2 images in post

Images play an important role for SEO in every post but are careful it has an opposite reaction if you cannot customize its properties. First of all, I will strongly recommend you not to use more than 2 images in your post
and the second things are that always try to insert 300 by 250 image in your new post.

Tips:4 Do not use the image as a background for your blog

I have seen many people they use an image for blog background although it can affect and bring popularity in designing but will surely turn you into loading page.

Tips:5 Reduce Advertisement on blog

Advertisements banners are coded in javascript and you have already familiar with this in tips no1. so again try to use only the famous networks advertisements program. buy sell ads, google adsence, etc.

Tips:6 Never use automatically or popup Widgets

Never use that widget which appears at the beginning of your sites. many webmasters try to effort the visitors to like our communities like facebook, nowadays we see that when we open the website it suddenly appear at the beginning facebook widgets which can cause increase your blog loading time.

Tips:7 Always keep a few posts on the home page (very important)

The home page is just like your head in your body. It is the page where land everyone first time on your blog. So make sure your blog home page should be faster than other pages. Reduce your post to 5 on the home page. if you don’t know how to do this then see the screenshots below.
Goto>>blogger dashboard>>Setting>>post and comments
Bonus Tips:
Now that’s up to you we have struggled a lot to bring you this special post regarding loading time. Now take ideas for your blog and customize all that unnecessary widgets, images, plugins and many more which could compel your blog on loading.

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